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Known as the market leader since its launching in 1954 by Rameh Baroud, Nowadays, and owing to our expertise, advanced technology, and professional records, Baroud Steel Industries cover a total area of 500,000 square meters, offering sophisticated and complex structural steel

It is our mission to carry on the finest quality products, values, and excellent customer service which will guide us to be the foremost structural steel company worldwide.  The spirit of our mission is detained in one speech: "The Leader"; Leader illustrates our spot in the structural steel industry, in terms of employees, programs, and commitment to clientele satisfaction.
Since 1960 our leadership courage has been the base of our triumph. We will maintain our mission by meeting our clients' budgets and requirements which will guarantee our clients' satisfaction, at the same time our reputation and heritage.

Our Projects
BB Saraf
BB Saraf - Iraq
2000 m2
Montana College
Multiple sports facility court
Cosmetics Factory
Isometric 10,000 m²
Cototrac - Togo
6000 m2
Who We Are
Our Mission

products which are supplied according to the ISO and other international standards and distributed in different international countries.

When we started in 1960, we took the tackle of being one of the most important leaders in the steel industry in Lebanon and worldwide. Our leadership uniqueness led us to reach the finest products. BSI strives to endorse and hold up the growth of the steel fabrication industry in Lebanon and worldwide. BSI is dedicated to put forth every potential attempt towards raising the principles of the Lebanese steel industry in a way that allows the local industry to become highly competitive worldwide. At BSI, we believe that the quality and the on-time delivery is the mainly significant feature of our fabrication heritage.